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Offers on updating the normative formula
for the definition of seismic loads (SNiP P-7-81)

To realize in practice theoretical research and to really raise the reliability of structures it is necessary to make changes in codes.

The formula for definition of seismic forces in a more general view, applicable to the different models is offered. In a specific case formula (7) transforms into the known normative formula for the definition of seismic forces for one-dimensional (cantilever) models. While using three-dimensional models it is necessary to take into account the non-uniformity of the field of soil according to the length and the width of the building (structure).

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Y.I. Nemchynov

ABSTRACT: Basic problems of improvement of the construction norms in seismic regions of Ukraine are presented in the article. State of development of the norms in the countries of Commonwealth of Independent States including creation of the International construction norms on earthquake-resistant construction is considered. The structure of the suggested National norms of Ukraine (DBN) is shown and basic principal statements of the developed document (the first revision) are described.

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