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Vyatcheslav K. Yegupov, Professor

Vyatcheslav Yegupov was the director of research and scientific leader of the group from 1965 to 1997.

During these years he created the basis and new directions in the field of earthquake engineering. He was one of the first who started research of earthquake resistance of buildings taking into consideration three-dimensional work and wave processes. Works of Yegupov V.K. formulated main regularities of three-dimensional deformation, developed scientific basis of building design, and created models of interaction between a building and a propagating seismic wave.

Thorough research in the field of decomposition of extensive set of equations allowed him to create theory of simulation modeling of buildings. On the basis of this theory his colleagues and followers created effective algorithms and program complex of three-dimensional calculation of engineering structures "PRIS".

The technique of the multi-factor analysis of the most important buildings, created by V.K.Yegupov, and program complex "PRIS" have been used for research of earthquake resistance of the control unit of the Chernobyl Power Plant.

Prof. Yegupov is famous from four monographs and more than 100 articles published in CIS and abroad. During a number of years Prof. Yegupov was the chairman of the national committee of earthquake engineering in the Ukraine.